FortiWiFi 無線安全設備

FortiWiFi Thick Access Points integrate an 802.11n wireless LAN radio and antennas into the FortiGate Connected UTM. FortiWiFi provides access to both the wired and wireless LAN in a single device, delivering complete network security visibility and control. This integrated single-device solution is perfect for small and medium business, enterprise branch offices and retail deployments.

Leveraging Fortinet's FortiOS network security operating system with FortiASIC processors, FortiWiFi provides a comprehensive and high-performance array of fully integrated security functions including:

  • Firewall, VPN, and Traffic Shaping
  • Application Control
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Antimalware
  • Web Filtering

FortiWiFi appliances are simple to deploy and manage through the web-based user interface, enabling secure wired and wireless network configuration within minutes. In addition to the web-based interface, single pane of glass management is provided by FortiManager, enabling centralized remote management for numerous FortiWiFi devices across the enterprise.

Each FortiWiFi model can provide true network segmentation for increased security and control, by broadcasting a number of different SSIDs (or Virtual Access Points). The wireless coverage in a FortiWiFi network can be easily increased with the addition of FortiAP devices, creating a cost effective enterprise-class wireless LAN infrastructure.

In addition to the FortiWiFi Wireless LAN capability, other network interface options are available to connect the FortiWiFi to various WAN technologies, including wireless broadband via an integrated Express Card slot or ADSL-A.


  • Leverages FortiOS and FortiASIC – All FortiWiFi models run FortiOS, Fortinet’s purpose-built network security operating system. They leverage FortiASIC "System on a Chip" (SoC), Fortinet’s custom ASIC processor technology, to ensure the most comprehensive and highest performing security platforms
  • Advanced Thread Protection - The most advanced threat protection in the industry, including firewall, Application Control, IPS, VPN, and Web Filtering, all from one device at one price
  • Automatic Security Updates - ag亚游集团® security subscription services deliver automated updates to ensure the latest protection against today’s sophisticated threats
  • Wireless Coverage Extension with FortiAP – Each FortiWiFi is also a wireless LAN controller, fully supporting wireless LAN coverage extension with the use of external FortiAP Thin Wireless Access Points
  • Easy to Deploy and Manage - Single-pane-of-glass management and remote provisioning simplify deployment and support
  • Network Segmentation Made Simple – Virtual Domain (VDOM) technology allows you to divide your FortiWiFi into two or more independent virtual units, providing Network Segmentation for business needs or to meet compliance requirements
  • Integrated WAN Optimization – Protocol optimization, byte caching, web caching and SSL offloading technology accelerates application response times and reduces network traffic demands.
  • Sophisticated Traffic Shaping and QoS Capabilities - With traffic shaping (QoS) you can allocate resources to different traffic types to improve performance, stability and latency of applications

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