FortiCamera solves your video surveillance security problems while streamlining the user experience. Place cameras to cover your entry points and critical areas such as point of sale terminals, warehouses, public areas and loading docks. The Network Video Recorder captures the images. Video security becomes an extension of your network.

Appliance-based, License-free

No software installation, no patches, no per-seat fees, no per-camera licenses and no fuss — FortiCamera is easy. Plug in your cameras, turn on the appliance, open up a web browser and you’re off and running.

Features & Benefits

  • Capture continuous or motion-based recording (or both)
  • Alarms and snapshot notifications keep you aware of what’s going on
  • An event timeline lets you find and review motion events quickly and easily
  • Cameras use Power over Ethernet (PoE) for easy installation
  • Web-based interface with no need for dedicated client



免費電話 4006005255(中國)

FortiPlanner 規劃工具


下載 FortiExplorer

下載 FortiExplorer 看到它是多麽容易的設置和配置FortiGate和FortiWiFi產品平台的。